Mating season brings out snakes

Homeowners finding snakes in yards, homes

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HOUSTON - It's snake season here in southeast Texas as snake removal experts are getting plenty of calls every day from Houstonians.

Experts said snakes are on the move and looking for love. It's mating season for snakes, and that's why homeowners are finding them in their yards and in their homes.

Clint "The Snake Man" Pustejovsky is a busy guy, answering calls and removing plenty of snakes from Houston-area homes.

"Rat snakes are everywhere right now," said Pustejovsky. "With spring here, we've had a lot of rain. Snakes are looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend that could be in your backyard or anywhere else."

The Texas rat snake is not venomous. It's often mistaken for a python because it can grow more than 7-feet long.

This week, someone even mistakenly thought a Texas rat snake was a python in Beach City.

"People will mistake rat snakes for exotic snakes when they're a local snake that belongs right here in southeast Texas," said Pustejovsky.

If you come across a snake, do not try to handle it or capture it. Instead, call snake removal experts.

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