Masked men rob Papa John's employee in Friendswood

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas - Friendswood police said they're looking for two gunmen who robbed an employee at a Papa John's restaurant.

Police said it happened at the Papa John's at 210 E. Parkwood Ave. in Friendswood Sunday morning.

A store employee, who asked that Local 2 not reveal his identity, said he and another employee had just closed the store for the night and were leaving with the money early when the masked robbers approached him.

"I was walking out of the store and there was two guys hiding behind these pillars at Walgreens right here. I had seen them peek around the pillars. And I was going to get into the car with my friend. There wasn't a door handle on the passenger's door. She was in her car trying to let me in. They ran up on me. One of the guys had a pistol. They had me blocked in behind the cars," he said.

The employee and his friend tried to get away.

"One of them had a pistol and pointed it at my face. And he ran up on me and pistol whipped me and I took my backpack off and threw the money at him and they took off," the employee said.

Police said the robbers were only described as white males who wore black T-shirts and ski masks, and possibly took off in a white four-door Toyota Camry parked behind the business. One of the ski masks was black and white with a jagged pattern. Both were about 5 feet 9 inches tall and skinny.

Friendswood police said there was an incident at the store the night before.

Police said a male subject wearing a Friday the 13th type mask ran up to the Papa John's store at closing time. That time, employees were able to lock the front door and call police. The suspect disappeared before police arrived and the employees were provided an escort for their safety, police said.

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