Man throws Molotov cocktail on neighbors roof after altercation

Investigators say the man became angry when one of his neighbors popped several fire crackers to celebrate Independence Day

HOUSTON - An east Harris County man was arrested during a SWAT standoff that began after he threw a Molotov cocktail at his neighbor's house.

Michael Kuykendall,27, is charged with arson of a habitation and is being held in jail.

Investigators say Kuykendall became angry when one of his neighbors popped several firecrackers to celebrate Independence Day.

It happened in the 18800 block of Timber Springs Drive in Atascocita.

The neighbor, Jason Bergener, says Kuykendall yelled profanities at him from over his backyard fence and then started throwing bricks.

Bergener decided to go inside to stop the heated confrontation.

"After that, two or three minutes later, we heard a thump," said Bergener. "We came out to find the roof was on fire."

Bergener said he and his friends found two glass bottles stuffed with tissue.

One smelled of kerosene the other smelled like gasoline.

When investigators and the fire marshal's office arrived, Kuykendall barricaded himself inside his home.

After several hours he walked out on the driveway and was immediately taken into custody.

Authorities say an explosives team conducted a sweep of Kuykendall's home and also removed a pair of 24-month-old twins from the residence.

No one was hurt, but authorities say Kuykendall put people and property in danger when he threw the molotov cocktails at his neighbors home. 

"It's very dangerous. It's an accelerant, gasoline is what he was using and it could have caught fire and with the weather we're having lately, it could have spread to other homes. ," said Lt. Thomas Gilliland with the Harris County Sheriffs' Office.

Bergener says he's relieved no one was injured, but can't believe his neighbor would go to such an extreme in response to their dispute over fireworks.

"I am still in shock because this dude just threw a firebomb on my roof," said Begener. "Who does that, it's pretty wild."

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