Man steals wallet in front of customers at Meyerland restaurant

A man steals a woman's wallet from her purse that was hanging on her chair

HOUSTON - A man was caught on camera taking a woman's wallet out of her purse at a Houston restaurant.

The woman, Pam, realized her wallet was missing when she tried to pay her bill on Friday at the Escalante's restaurant in Meyerland Plaza.

Pam left the restaurant to check for her wallet in her office. When her wallet was not in her office, she called the restaurant.

A manager checked the surveillance camera and saw a man reaching in the victims purse, that was hanging on the back of her chair.

"They did have a man reaching over behind my chair into my purse on video," she said.

In less than an hour, the woman had charges from three different stores on her credit cards.

According to Pam, the man was "pretty professional" because the size of her bag makes it difficult for a person to easily pull out what they need.

"He reached in, got it, and left," she said.

This happened with three other people at her table and other customers sitting nearby, according to Pam.

Pam says her purse will always be at her feet and under the table.

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