Man shot while driving SUV

HOUSTON - A man was shot several times while driving his SUV in southwest Houston.

The shooting happened around 11 p.m. Wednesday in the 6100 block of South Braeswood at Atwell. Witnesses told police they heard four or five gunshots.

"I was in my driveway, seven houses down -- heard rapid gunfire, about five shots -- just boom, boom, boom, boom," said Wayne Barta, a witness.

When they ran outside, police said witnesses found a SUV that had been driven off the road. The driver, Jon Kabay, collapsed outside of the vehicle.

Police said a pickup truck pulled alongside of the silver SUV and shot out the driver's side window.

Investigators said Kabay, 25, managed to say he had been shot, but said he did not know the gunman.

"I came up to where the people were, where his car was over here. There was a guy laying on the ground. He said he'd been shot. He was driving around, driving down the road and got shot, and didn't know who did it," Barta said.

The victim was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital in serious but stable condition. Relatives said she was shot eight times.

"I was just shocked and am really trying to figure out what happened. Was it just random?" Barta said.

Police don't have any suspects.

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