Man killed, woman injured in accidental shooting

Police: Gun accidentally fired, hitting both people

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HOUSTON - A man in southeast Houston is dead after police say he accidentally shot and killed himself in his driveway while removing a handgun from inside his home.

The victim's name is not being released, neither is his daughter-in-laws, who was taken to the hospital in critical condition after the bullet exited the man's body and struck her just before 1 am, Saturday morning.

"Speaking with the wife of our complainant, the male was removing a weapon from inside the house at the urgency of the wife and was in the process of exiting the house and the wife was still inside when she heard a single gunshot," said HPD Officer, Brian Evans.

Police said this wasn't a domestic dispute of any kind and are still trying to figure out how the weapon fired into the victim's chest.

"Both individuals appear to have sustained injuries to their bodies from a single gunshot wound fired by we believe the male," said Evans.

Neighbors are in shock that the man they knew was killed in such a tragic accident.

"He always used to talk to us, stay out of trouble, Always would always stop us right here talking about hey what are you doing? Going to school, he'd be out here early in the morning, better go to school, get your education, do something with your life. He was always preaching to us," said Jamie Espioza, a neighbor.

Police say the handgun had been in the couple's home for years and it's unclear why there was such urgency to have it removed Saturday morning.

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