Man hospitalized after dog attack

Dogs were captured by animal control

By Lauren Scott , Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - A man is hospitalized after he was attacked by a pack of dogs on Houston's south side.

It happened early Monday morning on Paris and Idaho road.

According to witnesses, the man was walking down the street when he was attacked by three pit bulls.

In an attempt to get away, the man ran to a nearby home and banged on the front door.

The woman who answered, Jaqueline, told Local 2 she could hear the man screaming for help and when she answered the door she found him bloody and badly bitten.

Jacquline brought the man inside her house and called 911.

The man was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Animal control searched for several hours and were able to capture four pit bulls.

During the search, Houston police officers arrested a man.

Investigators have not said if the arrest was related to the dog attack.

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