Man caught on tape breaking into a Houston tattoo parlor

The owner says the man stole the register, but it only had $2 in it

HOUSTON - Surveillance video caught a man breaking into a business, stealing a register then escaping before police arrived.

The video shows the man shatter the glass door on Tuesday at Tap-Out Tattooing on 9532 Richmond Ave. to enter the parlor.

Officials say the man used a rock to smash the glass.

According to the owner of the business, Micheal Wallace, the man stole the register that only had $2 in it.

Wallace says he's fortunate that the register is the only thing he stole.

"And I really wish I could see his face because I kind of want to see what his reaction was when he only got $2. I'm sure he's upset," Wallace said.

Wallace has had his business in the plaza since October and he thinks the man who did this might have been inside the parlor at some point.

"I hope somebody turns him in because I'm pretty sure hes been here before, for him to know the register is here. Because just to walk by, you can't just look in here and see it," said Wallace.

The total estimated cost of the damage is $400.

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