Man arrested after his dog attacked young boy in SW Houston

Attack isn't the first time investigators say the dog acted aggressively

HOUSTON - A Houston man was arrested after his pit bull mix attacked a young child in southwest Houston. But this attack isn't the first time investigators say this dog acted aggressively.

A 2-year-old boy is recovering after a vicious attack by his neighbor's dog. He's reportedly so traumatized he is now afraid of even his own family's pet.

It happened at an apartment complex in the 12500 block of Sandpiper in southwest Houston. The boy, his brother and other children were playing in the courtyard.

According to court records, a  pit bull-Rotweiler  mix, belonging to Anthony Donnell Ruff, attacked the boy, causing lacerations on his face, scalp and cheek and deep puncture wounds on his back.

"It left scars for life he has to get surgery so it really damaged him," said neighbor Rovina O'Neal.

Ruff now faces a felony dog attack charge. According to court records, his own son complained the dog tried to bite him. Neighbors say the dog was often allowed to go outside off a leash to relieve itself.

O'Neal says the little boy and his family are trying to heal.

"He's traumatized by dogs. He used to love dogs all the time. As you can see, he used to love sugar but right now he doesn't like her anymore so it will take time for him to heal," O'Neal said.

Ruff is still in jail. Neighbors say he has moved from the apartment complex.

The dog was picked up by animal control.

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