Man accused in string of violent robberies, carjackings involving women

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Louis Brandy Stredic

HOUSTON - A man is accused of carjacking and robbing two women and robbing a third woman while they were distracted entering or exiting their parked cars.

Louis Brandy Stredic is charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, robbery bodily injury and robbery. The attacks occurred back in February over a matter of a few days.

Court documents state on February 2, 2013, a female victim had just parked her car at a Walgreen's at 9700 Buffalo Speedway when Stredic, dressed in Army-type clothing, approached her driver's side door, reached his hand through the window, opened the door and began punching her.

Investigators say during the assault Stredic kept asking for her keys and purse. The woman told police Stredic then grabbed her ankle and she kicked him and ran into the pharmacy. Stredic fled the scene with the woman's purse in her car.

According to court documents, the vehicle was located using OnStar and police found a Medicaid ID card inside bearing Stredic's name.

Police say the victim identified Stredic in a photo as the man who assaulted and robbed her.

Stredic is also accused in two similar cases. In an incident on February 3, court documents state a woman was placing groceries inside her parked car at the CVS Pharmacy at 9800 Buffalo Speedway when Stredic pushed her inside the car. She says Stredic then demanded the car keys and began punching her head. Investigators say Stredic also kissed her cheek and fondled her chest area.

That's when the woman flashed the car headlights and honked the horn. Police say Stredic asked for her wallet and she gave it to him. Then a store employee walked outside and pulled Stredic out of the car. Stredic fled the scene with the woman's wallet, court documents state.

The third case took place two days later when investigators say a woman returned on a MegaBus trip and walked to her vehicle parked across the street when she saw Stredic dressed in what appeared to be a security guard uniform. Stredic then ran up behind her and pushed her into the car at gun point. She says she started screaming and Stredic threatened her and told her to keep quiet.

Investigators say Stredic then took the keys, kept her purse and told her to get out of the car.

Later that day, Stredic was arrested in Alvin driving her stolen vehicle. He was arrested for possession of marijuana and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Stredic, 57, is being held on the Harris County Jail without bond.

Court records show Stredic has prior convictions for sexual assault and burglary of a habitation.

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