Man accidentally shot on a METRO bus near the University of Houston

HOUSTON - One person was accidentally shot on a METRO bus Thursday afternoon.

It happened at around 3:25pm at Scott and Holman, near the University of Houston in southeast Houston.

According to METRO media relations, it was an accidental shooting and the shooter and the victim do not appear to know each other.

According to METRO, the man with the gun got on the bus and was seated in the very back of the bus. The gun accidentally discharged and the bullet then ricocheted  off the interior of the bus grazing the victim.

The victim was seated three or four rows ahead of the man with the gun.

There was no altercation and the two men never exchanged words.

The suspect, who is a felon on parole, was taken into custody within 20 minutes of the incident.

The victim was taken to Ben Taub Hospital with non life-threatening injuries and released.

No one else was injured or threatened during the incident

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