Lamar High School students protest after prom proposal ruined

Student says he was given 3 days of Saturday school


Some Lamar High School students say they are outraged one of their fellow classmates got in trouble for an elaborate prom proposal. Some of them even took to Twitter to protest.

Osman Rodriguez, a senior at Lamar High, said he wanted to ask a girl to prom with a huge banner. His friends held the banner with more friends holding roses for her.

Rodriguez said he was given three days of Saturday school because of it.

"It was innocent and wasn't meant to hurt anyone," said Rodriguez. "The cops came and tore the banner right in front of her face."

School officials responded and said they encourage the tradition of prom proposals, but they would like students to get permission first.

Officials said Rodriguez did not get approval since he wanted a lot of students to be involved during class time. Because he did it anyway, the school said they had to take disciplinary actions.

Rodriguez said he is just glad the girl said, "Yes!" He will be going to prom with his date.

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