Kidnapping on Highway I-45

Police witness a man trying to flee from two relatives they say kidnapped him.

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CONROE - Conroe police arrested a pair of family members on Wednesday evening for kidnapping a third person who was attempting to get out of their car.

Officials said it happened on Interstate 45 northbound  near Calvary Road.

Authorities said a trooper noticed a man attempting to get out of a vehicle on the North Freeway. The trooper stopped the vehicle and called police after learning the man was an apparent kidnapping victim.

Police said two family members, 41-year-old Marcus Rodriguez and 32-year-old Amanda Rodriguez met with the victim, someone they knew, at a parking lot at 2108 North Frazier in Conroe.

According to police, the victim agreed to meet with the suspects to exchange property the suspects believed the victim had taken.

A third family member was recruited to drive the suspect to the parking lot, but once there, she said she witnessed an unexpected kidnapping.

Police said the suspects hung a rope across the victim's neck and forced him into their vehicle. Then, they drove off across the highway where the victim said his life was threatened several times while he tried to get out of the car.

The family member that transported him to the parking lot claimed she followed the vehicle and made several attempts to stop her relatives.  

It was on the highway that the trooper noticed the victim's struggle, and the two suspects were arrested on charges of aggravated kidnapping.  

Both suspects were transported to Montgomery County Jail.

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