Jury awards damages to some residents over controversial Ashby High-Rise

HOUSTON - A jury has ruled to award damages to some residents who filed suit against the developers of the Ashby High Rise project after years of protesting and petitioning.

It was a moment for hugs and handshakes as homeowners who sued the developers of the Ashby High Rise were overjoyed by the jury's verdict to award damages to those who filed suit claiming the project would destroy their neighborhood.

"I feel very good because we've been fighting for the safety of our homes and the safety of our streets," said neighbor Earl Martin.

"I'm just very happy with the outcome; appreciate the work the jurors have done," Christy Martin said.

Attorneys for Houston-based Buckhead Developers did not want to comment following the jury's verdict. But residents have been fighting against the project from the beginning.

Many have signs posted in their yards protesting traffic and noise from the proposed 21-story project and parking garage.

In the end the jury was sided with the 30 residents living along South Hampton and Boulevard Oaks who filed the lawsuit.

"They found the project will be a nuisance for the majority of the homeowners it looked like they based it on proximity to the building and when the homeowners bought into the neighborhood," said the attorney for the residents.

However, this six-year battle for residents is far from over. While they were victorious Tuesday, the judge will rule separately on whether the Ashby High Rise project can go forward.

"We wouldn't want any neighborhood in Houston to have a building like this set right in it," said another resident.

Attorneys for the developers told the jury that the project has been fully approved and that buildings like the high rise are common in Houston, especially where there is no zoning.

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