Investigators search for parents of baby boy abandoned in dumpster

A neighbor was taking out the trash when he discovered the infant wrapped in a black t-shirt

HOUSTON - Investigators are searching for the parents of a newborn baby abandoned near a dumpster in southeast Harris County.

Harris County sheriff's investigators say a resident at the Park Center apartments on Beamer Road was taking out the trash when he discovered a baby boy wrapped in a black t-shirt next to the dumpster around 10 a.m. Saturday.

CPS officials say the baby was taken to Texas Children's Hospital to be treated for respiratory distress and low blood sugar.

Doctors are calling the boy Baby Bryce.

CPS says he will also be tested to determine his medical background.

According to CPS officials, the baby appeared to be white or Hispanic and his health is improving.

Michelle Williams, who lives just feet away from where the newborn was found, said, "You wish you had been around at that time or you knew. That way you could have taken the child in yourself and done something to help it."

A CPS case worker filed an emergency protection order with the court on Monday, to take custody of the child.

CPS is also making arrangements for foster parents, as investigators search for the biological parents.

Given the extreme heat, CPS officials said it could have ended much worse for Baby Bryce, if the neighbor had not found him.

CPS urges everyone to remember the Baby Moses Law, that allows people to drop off a child 60 days or younger at a hospital, fire station or ambulance, with no questions asked.

Officials said these are much safer options for babies.

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