Investigation into deadly Southwest Inn fire continues

As the city mourns, the investigation into what caused the massive motel fire continues

HOUSTON - As the city mourns, the investigation into what caused the massive motel fire in southwest Houston continues. Wednesday marks day five of the investigation.

There was no break for investigators Wednesday.

While thousands attended the memorial services at Reliant Stadium, they continued to work through the heat. They're trying to recreate the scene to hopefully determine what happened here and if future tragedies can be prevented.

For the fifth straight day, federal, state and local investigators made their way through the remains of the Southwest Inn. They're focusing in and around the kitchen area, looking for an ignition area and trying to determine why the roof collapsed.

"It is an investigation but also an opportunity to improve," said Mayor Annise Parker.

After the memorial service, Mayor Parker told Local 2 that investigators will actually recreate the scene. It's a process that is going on now and could take months.

"They look at everybody's cell phone camera. They recreate movements. The goal is to find out what happened and if the incident could have been prevented and if there's anything that could help a firefighter from dying in the future," said the mayor.

The investigation, just like the grieving process, is just beginning.

Officials said the on-site part of the investigation could wrap up sometime in the next week to week and a half. But that final report may take months.

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