Intruders break-in, steal car while residents sleep

3 other vehicles targeted

HOUSTON - A couple woke up Friday morning to find their house in disarray and their vehicle stolen.

Burglars targeted the Braeswood Place area early Friday morning while the residents were still asleep.

The thieves broke into three other vehicles, a garage and a house near the 4100 block of Gramercy.

Resident Carla Holly said she and her husband had no idea burglars were in their home overnight.

"Very scary to know someone was in your house could have harmed you and family," said Holly.

The couple made the discovery around 5 a.m. They said the intruders also took $50 in cash.

"My purse was thrown in backyard, dumped out. He realized the drawers were rustled. My car was stolen," said Holly.

The car with Texas plate 81H PG9 has not yet been found.

The Braeswood Place Homeowners Association has noticed an increase in similar crimes since November, which has resulted in increased police patrols.

"Neighbors now are on high alert out walking dogs. (And) children, they are carrying cell phones. (If they) see anything suspicious, they call the deputy right away," said Brenda Blackwood with the association.

Residents like Holly knew about the previous crimes, but still felt safe.

"We did feel safe in the neighborhood, even though they were just car thefts. We never really thought someone's gonna be coming into our home," said Holly.

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