Injured Texans tailgater suing Reliant Stadium

Fan required multiple surgeries costing nearly $500K, lawsuit claims

By Louis Lochte - News Producer
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HOUSTON - A Texans fan who was injured at a tailgating party is suing Reliant Stadium.

Chris Stump claimed the stadium failed to properly supervise the premises during tailgating events.

On October 21, 2012, Stump was injured after he fell off a ladder climbing up to a roof platform on a modified school bus.

His attorneys claimed Reliant Stadium did not have officers in place to inspect these big party buses prior to entertaining in the parking lot.

Stump has required multiple surgeries costing nearly $500,000, his attorneys said.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and present and future pain and suffering, said his attorneys.

Mr. Stump is represented by Gary Riebschlager, Sidney Robert and Brent Coon & Associates.

Local 2 reached out to Reliant Stadium officials for comment, and did not hear back at time of this publication.

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