Hundreds march for immigration reform

HOUSTON - Hundreds of people marched through the city Saturday, hoping to send a powerful and united message about immigration reform.

"Families continue being separated," said Jannell Robles, with Houston Unido.  "Even low priority individuals are being detained.  People with no criminal records [...] with no criminal records at all."

While May 1st is recognized as Labor Day in Latin American countries, it has also become a day of action, as people rally for immigrant rights and immigration reform.  But this year, Houston Unido scheduled its event on a Saturday, hoping to attract bigger crowds.

The coalition of immigrant rights groups is calling for immigrant policies that keep families together and allow all students equal access to education, regardless of their immigration status.

Some youth even participated in Saturday's event, alongside family members.  They were young, but they knew why they were rallying together.

"Just immigration reform and no more deportations," said Ana Rivera.  "That's why we're here.  So no more families will be separated."

Organizers said the recent immigration bill has given them a renewed sense of hope, but they still intended to call attention to the thousands who are in detention facilities.

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