Humble man: Start creating a smart home for as little as $100

Check on the kids, change the thermostat, and lock the doors from anywhere in the world

HUMBLE - Everyone has heard of smart homes, and over the last few years, homes with digital technology have exploded. 

If you are worried about the cost, a Humble man is doing it for less, and he says you can too.

Demetrius Harris is a systems engineer for a corporate law firm by day, but by night, he used those tech skills to build a smart home.

"It won't get you a drink but it will turn on your lights, it will turn on your A/C and will let you know if you have visitors by way of emailing," said Harris.

Inside the home, everything from cameras, lights, temperature are all controlled through a desktop, an iPad, or a smartphone.

But if your phone isn't nearby, no problem. You can also use your voice.

When our Local 2 live truck pulled up, an alert hit his inbox before we got anywhere close to his door.

"It will send you a picture as soon as there is motion to let you know," said Harris.

If you need to step inside for a minute while the kids are in the yard, a camera with two-way microphone will help you hear them and them hear you.

"I tell people all of the time with all this technology, it may not stop someone from breaking in, but it could help you find out who it was," said Harris.

Harris said he used the nest Learning Thermostat and Insteon smart home devices that attach to your appliances.

If you're worried about the costs, Harris said you can start one for around $100 and build from there.

The camera shown in the story cost Harris $65 on and the app to use it, which starts your own smart platform, is free.

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