HPD: Thieves break window to get into cellphone store

Police: 1 suspect caught, 1 man escapes

HOUSTON - A pair of crooks in southwest Houston took the less-subtle approach to robbing a Sprint store, investigators said

Houston police said two men tossed a concrete block through the window of the Sprint store on Highway 59 near Sands Point about 4 a.m..

Investigators said the break-in triggered a silent alarm.

Police said when they arrived they caught the thieves in the act of swiping phones, laptops and other merchandise from the store. The thieves then dropped what they had and took off when they saw police, officials said.

One of the suspects was caught, but the other got away, police said. An HPD K-9 unit was called in to help in the search, but so far police said the suspect has managed to evade capture.

The store has repaired the broken glass.

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