HPD: Suspected street racer hits police officer

Squad car knocked over light pole

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter , Mary Cuervo

HOUSTON - A Houston police officer trying to stop a speeding pickup was hurt after he found himself in the middle of a street race in northeast Houston, investigators said.

You can see the damage left behind after the officer was hit by a street racer he was trying to pull over.

"It has been a problem for the past two years and it is getting worse," said property owner Alice Villarreal.

She says this is the second time in the past few months that her property has been damaged due to street racing.

"Maybe a month and a half ago, they hit the other corner of the fence," said Villarreal.

On Thursday night at around 10:30, an officer spotted two pickup trucks racing down Irvington near the North Loop. The officer made a u-turn to chase the first speeding truck. As he turned near the median, the second truck slammed into the back of the cop car, sending it crashing into a light pole and then into a fence.

"We need something to happen to stop all the racing, because next time they are going to kill somebody," said a witness.

Amazingly no one was hurt, despite all of the damage.

Local 2 called police to see if they plan to add any patrols in the area, but have not yet heard back.

Manuel Salazar was arrested at the scene. He is charged with reckless driving.

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