HPD: Suspected drunken driver hits patrol car in SE Houston

HPD: Two unrelated suspected drunken drivers arrested on scene

By Mary Cuervo , Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - Houston police arrested two men accused of driving drunk in southeast Houston Thursday night, investigators said.

They said a patrol unit part of a DWI unit was just starting his shift around 11:30 p.m. when a driver hit his car near the intersection of the Gulf Freeway Feeder Road and Park Place.

"There was an individual driving a Hyundai Genesis driving south bound on the service road.  He ran the red light and struck my DWI unit," Steve Sorge with the Houston Police Department said.

Sorge said while a second unit assisted on scene giving the driver a field sobriety test, a second officer was nearly hit and run off the road by another suspected drunken driver.

Police were able to pull that second driver over.

They said both men failed their field sobriety tests and were arrested on scene.

Police said since this is a holiday weekend, they will be out in full force looking for drunken drivers.

"I just want to remind everybody to designate a driver or taxi cab.  Don't come out here and drive drunk because we are looking to get you off the streets," Sorge said.

This is a "no refusal weekend" on Texas roads, that means you have to submit to DWI testing if you're pulled over.

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