HPD officer hits potholes, crashes into ditch

Officer was responding to emergency call

HOUSTON - A Houston police officer headed to a burglary call ended up involved in an accident late Sunday night.

Just after 10:45 p.m. Sunday, the officer was driving down Hempstead Highway with his lights and siren on.

Investigators said the officer was near West Tidwell when he hit a series of potholes. His squad car spun out, hit another car, and ended up in a ditch.

The officer was not hurt. 

A passenger in the other car was taken to the hospital after he complained of dizziness.

The westbound lanes of Hempstead Highway were closed for hours while Houston police investigated the scene.

Within one block there are more than a dozen pot holes.

TxDot said it is in the process of resurfacing Hempstead with asphalt to improve the road.

The $3.6 million project stretches about eight miles from Magnum Road to Brittmoore Road.

People who live and work near the area told Local 2 the road is in dire need of repair.

"I went through one and then hit that one and then went to the other side," said driver Catherine Lyons. "Both my tires went flat."

"You wouldn't want to run a low profile car across there, it would end up bottoming out," said Scott McCall, who works in the area.

TxDot said the project should be completed by early 2014.

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