HPD: Mother driving drunk injures 4 children

HOUSTON - Houston police said a woman was driving drunk when she caused an accident that critically injured her four children.

Police said Lourdes Lopez' decision to drive while intoxicated forever changed her family's life. As she approached the Katy Freeway feeder on Fry Road Sunday at 2 a.m., investigators said Lopez ran a red light in her Jeep. Detectives said a pickup truck then slammed into her SUV.

Inside the mangled metal, officers found Lopez, a man and three young children. Nearby on the ground, investigators said they found a fourth child who was thrown from the SUV.

Neighbors said the four children were Lopez' sons with her husband. The entire family, police said, was critically injured. Investigators said Lopez is facing an intoxication assault charge and more charges could be coming.

Residents in the tight-knit Harris County subdivision where the Lopez family lives found it hard to believe the charges their neighbor faces.

"It's pretty bad," said Edgar Maldonado. "I mean you, don't expect it to happen to someone close to you. They're a great family. They're really together and we spent time on like Fourth of July and Christmas time."

Maldonado replays all of the time he spent with the Lopez family, looking for any signs of problems.

"In a way it's hard for me to believe because I never see her drinking a beer or something like that," he said of Lourdes Lopez.

Neighbors try to focus on recovery.

"I just hope the boys pull through," said neighbor Regina Brazle. "Just praying that they do."

Police said the boys are 1, 7, 9, and 12 years old.

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