HPD: Beer thieves smash stolen car into store

Surveillance video shows burglars targeted beer

By Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter , Mary Cuervo

CLEAR LAKE, Texas - Houston police are searching for two men who used a stolen car to smash their way into a Valero convenience store in Clear Lake.

Just after 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, police said a beige Chrysler slammed into the front door several times. You can still see glass on the side of the car from that smash and grab, and the steering wheel is broken. Usually in these cases the cops are looking for the suspects and the getaway car, but in this case they have the car and the suspects faces are caught on camera.

"This is kinda strange. Most people steal cars don't bring them back and drop them back off," said victim John Tesareski.

In a bizarre ending to a night of crime for a pair thieves, Tesareski says his beige Chrysler was used as the getaway car. The problem is he had no idea it was stolen, but the four cameras that sit above his parking lot captured everything.

"It shows them around 11:30 last night stealing my car, but it doesn't show their faces real well," Tesareski said.

After the crooks left, they didn't drive very far to commit their next crime. And this that smash and grab was caught on camera, too.

"My boss called me and said something happened to this location go and check it," said Iqbal Ali, manager of the Valero in the 16000 block of El Camino Real.

Ali, who's been the store's manager since 2009, said he was in shock when he arrived to the store, which was closed during the time of the burglary. During the break-in the suspects, who had their faces covered, jumped out and grabbed one case of beer.

Just one hour after the break-in, while police were collected evidence at the gas station, the crooks were seen on camera, this time returning the car, and you can see their faces.

That beer that was stolen only cost $18.99, but the damage to the store is in the thousands, not to mention the damage to Tesareski's car.

"We're happy we got it back. You can't let this stuff keep you down; you got to move on," he said.

According to police the suspects did leave behind a couple of clues -- their cell phone charger and some fingerprints.

Anyone with information about the men who committed this crime should call Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-TIPS.

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