How to get Harwin Drive deals online promises to help you cut through the clutter

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Harwin Drive. The street is synonymous with discount shopping in Houston. But with so many stores to choose from on Harwin, how do you know if you're really getting a good deal?

A new website promises to help you cut through the clutter. It's called

Jewelry, scarves, purses and bling. The signs along Harwin scream and to a novice Harwin shopper, it can be a little intimidating. Going in and out of every shop is time consuming.

"Mostly a whole day or something because you want to see different prices," said Flor Berlanga on how much time she spends shopping when she visits the area.

But who has all day? On, you can log in before you drive down.

" is actually a guide, actually to show consumers how to navigate and move around on Harwin Drive," explained Mocca Couture of

If you want a new purse, just click a picture of a purse on and the address where you can buy it pops up. You can do the same search with bracelets, sunglasses, you name it.

"Harwin Drive has over 300 stores and it's very difficult to find what's where because there's a very minimal amount of advertising," said Couture.

The website is the brainchild of The Hucksters, a Houston advertising company. They'd like Harwin businesses to buy in and actually buy ads, but for now they're using social media to encourage shoppers to share their finds online.

"Upload it on the site. Upload it on the Facebook site. Interact with our Facebook users. Let people know where things are," said Couture.

They say if shoppers are willing to share their best kept shopping secrets everyone can save a few bucks. has been up since May. You can find them on Facebook too. Right now, you'll see between 10 and 30 shops featured.

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