Houstonians with ties to Egypt react

The vice president of a Houston based Egyptian society says the Arab brotherhood was ruling for themselves

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - The events in Egypt have struck a chord with thousands of Houstonians with ties to the middle eastern country.

"This is a great day. The Arab Brotherhood wasn't ruling Egypt for Egypt, they were ruling for themselves," Yehia Omar, Vice President of the Egyptian American Society of Houston said.

At the Dandanah Cafe, a restaurant specializing in Egyptian and middle eastern cuisine, owner, Hasem Khalil was excited about the developments, but worried because his sister, 44, is in Cairo to protest.

"We thought that the first time we would get a democracy, that did not work out. This time I think it will work. I am of course worried about my sister but she says she is surrounded by peaceful people," Khalil said.

A Local 2 crew visited Houston's Egyptian consulate.

A spokesperson said they would not be able to field questions at the Houston office.

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