Houstonians clean up after severe rains, flooding

Many flooded streets left some drivers stuck

HOUSTON - Houstonians spent the day cleaning left over debris after flood waters receded.

Saturday's heavy rain left thousands stranded, major roads and freeways shut down, and these are just some of the issues Houstonians endured.

Many streets that were flooded left some drivers stuck.

"I got in the water, trying to start my car up, but it is pretty bad," said Javel Murry.

Some cars even ended up underwater and others found themselves in a traffic nightmare for hours.

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It was too much water for the storm drains to handle. Runoff from the heavy rains was even too quick for highway department pumps.

"The pumps are going right now, but it is just a matter of mother nature, letting up and letting water flow" said Ross Ayla of TxDOT.

The quick, heavy rain was too much weight for a Texaco Food Mart roof in Sugar Land. It collapsed just after employees ran out.

Early Sunday morning, organizers for the March of Dimes Walk had to cancel the event due to dangerous conditions.

"It was evident that the bayous were already flooding and were coming close to the paths before we even got the last set of rain," said Marybeth.

Carpet in Reggie Garza's home is destroyed after the water levels got too high and started flooding his home.

"We have got a lot of clean up to do here, wet carpet, the floor is still wet, it is a mess," said Garza. "The water line came up to about right here, you can see it is wet. It went in the weep holes."

Houstonians are continuing to clean up the mess and hope everything dries out soon.

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