Houston woman dies after last week's train derailment in Spain

She and her husband were in Europe for their daughter's wedding and decided to travel to Spain

HOUSTON - A woman from the Houston area died from her injuries after that massive train derailment in Spain last week, according to a family statement.

The family of Myrta Fariza released a statement Sunday which read:

"We are heartbroken to share the news that Myrta Fariza passed away earlier today. Myrta and her husband, Robert Fariza, were passengers on the train that crashed on July 24th in Santiago De Compostela, Spain.
Myrta was our loving wife, mother, sister and friend and words cannot express our sense of loss. To all who knew her, Myrta provided irreplaceable love, compassion, courage, friendship and support. We will miss her dearly.
It is in times like these that we lean on our family, our friends, our faith and our community. With grateful hearts, we send sincerest appreciation to everybody for their tremendous love, support and prayers during this very difficult time. We ask that you continue to keep Myrta and the many others who have been impacted by the terrible train tragedy in your prayers. Thank you again for your continued support."

The train, which departed from the country's capital of Madrid, derailed just outside Santiago de Compostela, in northern Spain.

Among those on board were Houston-area residents Bobby and Myrta Fariza. They had traveled to Rome for their daughter's wedding and then on to Spain.

"Our car flipped over. It became chaos. Things flew and everything. There was sudden darkness. I was kind of thrown on one side of the train; that's why I'm kind of all beaten up here. My wife unfortunately was sitting on the side where the train flipped over, so everything kind of fell on her...She was under three people and about five chairs and about three of four luggages," Bobby Fariza said. "So I couldn't see her at all. I'm screaming out her name, just to at least know that I'm looking for her even though she had been under there."

Neighbors said the Fariza's had strong connections to the country.

"He began to tell me that his family roots were in Spain and that he still had relatives there," one neighbor told Local 2.

Bobby Fariza escaped from the crash with minor injuries, but his wife later died.

Dramatic new video surfaced of the deadly train disaster in Spain. At least 80 people were killed and dozens more injured including the couple from the Houston area.

At high speed, the video shows the train turning into the bend, then derailing. Its cars thrown from the track. Authorities say 247 people were on board

The driver of the train was taken before a judge on Sunday for questioning as officials try to determine to what degree he was responsible for the deaths of 79 people in the accident.

Francisco Garzon, 52, has been under the arrest since shortly after the accident on suspicion of reckless homicide, but has not been formally charged.

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