Houston police officer shocks, then shoots suspected burglar

By Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A Houston police officer says he was forced to shoot a suspected burglar after the officer had already shocked that man four times with a Taser outside a home in northeast Houston.

Police tell us at one point the suspect was swinging a large metal pipe at them. Residents in the neighborhood say the bizarre and frightening chain of events started at the end of the block.

The families that live along Collingsworth off Englewood say one man shook their sense of security to its core.

According to neighbors, one man went from gate to gate and tried to force his way into each home on this street Wednesday afternoon.

"I saw him, but I couldn't see his face real good cause he had a black shirt over his head," said one neighbor.

They called police and the suspect took off, but according to this mom of two he didn't stay gone for long. Just before 1 a.m. Thursday he returned.

"Just screaming out 'Come out, come out. If you don't come out I'm going to come in,'" she said.

Moments later, neighbors heard the man make his way down the street, breaking windows.

By this time police were on their way and when they found the man, officers say he had a long pipe in his hand and wouldn't listen to their commands. So they used their Taser four times.

"It had no effect on the suspect; as a matter of fact he pulled the darts out," said John Cannon, with the Houston Police Department.

After one of the officers pulled out a bean bag shot gun, cell phone video captured screams and then gunfire.

"They were retreating anywhere between 8-10 feet. They did all they could and until he starts coming at them he gave the officer no choice," Cannon said.

The man was taken to the hospital.

Now the family inside is thankful to be alive.

According to officers, the suspect was shot more than once. Emergency crews worked on him at the scene and used a tourniquet, which is a life-saving hemorrhaging control device.

The officer who fired his weapon has been with HPD for six years. Officer S. Scott has been placed on a standard 3-day administrative leave.

As is customary in HPD officer-involved shooting incidents in the city limits, the case is being investigated by the HPD Homicide and Internal Affairs Divisions as well as the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

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