Houston not a great city for first-time home buyers?

HOUSTON - By Meghan Mistry -- Staff

Though Houston may top many lists, it seems that best city for first-time home buyers isn't one of them, according to one study.

WalletHub reported that Houston was ranked No. 54 of a list of the 300 best and worst cities for first-time home buyers, analyzing 18 factors ranging from housing costs to real estate tax rates to property crime rates.

So what put Houston so far down the line? Well, when it comes to housing affordability ranking, WalletHub listed the city as 277th on the list. However, it came in first for real estate market rank.

Other factors that continued to the 54th placement are a 254th best crime rate and 249th best property crime rate. But Houston didn't come in low on the list for everything -- the city was given the ninth best rent to price ratio.

Other Texas cities that topped Houston include:

2. Allen
5. Frisco
6. Plano
7. Carrollton
8. McKinney
11. Grand Prairie
12. Richardson
17. Garland
20. Arlington
22. Austin
23. Denton
24. Irving
40. Mesquite
42. Fort Worth
44. Amarillo

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