Houston mom accused of burning son's tongue with hot spoon, hitting him with screwdriver

She's charged with four counts of injury to a child

Jessica Ann Mungia

HOUSTON - A Houston mother is accused of burning her child's tongue with a hot spoon.

Jessica Ann Mungia is charged with four counts of injury to a child. Court documents state on May 22, Mungia's 6-year-old son was taken to the hospital with a possible broken left arm. Nurses say the boy had numerous bruises on his body, healing burn wounds on his left hand and his tongue, and lacerations on top of his scalp.

When Child Protective Services interviewed the boy, they say he told him that his mom hit him with a screwdriver, grabbed him and choked him, cut him with a knife, beat him with a cable and that she heated a spoon on the stove then put it on his tongue. He also says Mungia held his hand to a hot stove, made him stand on an ant hill and broke his arm.

According to court documents, doctors say the boy's injuries are consistent with his story and indicative of recent abuse.

The boy also told authorities that Mungia told him to lie to doctors about how he received his injuries, court documents state.

Mungia, 26, is being held on $120,000 bond.

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