Houston man arrested in London, charged in child sex-trafficking case

Jason Daniel Gandy held without bail

HOUSTON - A Houston man arrested in London has been accused of transporting a teen for paid sex acts.

Immigration officials in London said they got suspicious of Jason Gandy when they noticed him traveling with a 15-year-old boy he wasn't related to.

Officials said Gandy purchased plane tickets and got a passport for the boy to get him to London.

Investigators said Gandy runs a massage business out of his Houston-area home and used the boy to give massages.

Officials said the clients were allowed to fondle the boy during the massage, and the boy was required to gratify the clients sexually.

Neighbors who have known Gandy for several years were surprised about the allegations, but they knew something was going on inside his Houston home.

"We couldn't really say what it was, but we knew there were too many different people coming there often," said Helene Holt, who lives across the street.

"There's been as many as 13 people living there at one time," said neighbor Byron Robinson

"There were females, adults, male adults, young people," said Carver Henry, who owns the building next door. "They'd stay for awhile, a month, six weeks, three weeks. I'm surprised but in these days and times you don't know what to expect from people."

Officials said Gandy had molested the boy himself on more than one occasion.

Gandy was charged with transportation of a minor for a commercial sex act.

If convicted, Gandy faces a minimum of 10 years in prison, a fine of up to $250,000, and a lifetime term of supervised release.

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