Houston girl seen getting beaten up on video

Cell phone camera captures brutal beating

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter
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HOUSTON - A Houston mother is upset about a cell phone video that shows her daughter being beaten up and repeatedly punched in the head.

"It bothers me to look at the girl doing that to my daughter," said the girl's mother, who asked to keep her identity private. "I just don't think it's right what she did."

The 45-second video clip is 45 shows one girl on top of another girl throwing punch, after punch, after punch.

In the background several other kids stand around, watch and even laugh, but no one appears to help. At the end of the clip one girl finally steps in to break it up.

The girl's mother told Local 2 a student posted the video on YouTube and it got more than 800 views before she asked to have it taken down. The video not only upset her but also her daughter who can be seen in the video getting punched in the head and face.

"At first I got really mad and then I burst out crying." said the 15-year-old girl. "I had no clue and I didn't know it was gonna happen."

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said the incident happened back in March. Deputies were called to 19606 Park Row where the disturbance was taking place near a bus stop. According to the sheriff's office, both of the girls were issued a citation for disorderly conduct.

But the 15-year-old's mother said her daughter's ticket was dropped after the judge watched the cell phone video and realized her daughter was the victim.

This mother is considering pressing charges and hopes that the video will bring attention to the bullying problem that exists in schools.

"I think people should know what it is going on in the schools," she said.

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