Houston community leaders to march after Zimmerman verdict

March participants are demanding a thorough investigation by the Justice Department

HOUSTON - Community leaders in Houston plan to march Monday night after the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman case.

Organizers chose to start the rally outside Byrd's Funeral Home at 2517 Wheeler in Third Ward.

According to community activist Quanell X, the march is "to symbolize burying racial profiling and burying racial prejudice."

The verdict has re-ignited the national debate over race and self-defense laws.

The hundreds that are expected to take part in tonight's march are demanding a thorough investigation by the Justice Department.

Federal authorities opened a Civil Rights probe into Trayvon Martin's death last year, but stepped aside to allow the state to prosecute it's case.

"The most important message the verdict sends to the world is that we as Americans don't truly value all of our children. That is not a message we can afford to have going up for all the world," said Quanell X.

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