Home invasion suspects caught on nanny cam

The mom could only watch on an app as the nanny and kids hid in a closet

HOUSTON - A frightening home invasion near the Heights as two men broke through a home's front door while a nanny and 5-month-old baby were inside. That baby managed to stay quiet as the nanny took her and another child to hide in an upstairs bedroom.

Surveillance cameras caught video of men walking up to the Cottage Grove town home Thursday afternoon. The nanny called the baby's mother after the men rang the doorbell to ask if she was expecting anyone. The two women were still on the phone when the men broke through the door.

According to Shary, the baby's mother, the nanny didn't even have time to make it downstairs before the men came barging in.

"I'm on the phone with her and she just tells me, 'Someone's in the house! They broke the glass!'" Shary told Local 2.

After that, Shary said the phone went silent as the nanny took her own son and the baby to hide upstairs. A panicked Shary called 911 and then used a smart phone app to view nanny cams installed in her home.

"I'm watching the video on my phone, a live feed of two men inside my house. My baby is inside the closet with the nanny; I was freaking out. It was scary," said Shary.

Thanks to the nanny's quick actions, the thieves never even knew anyone was inside the home. Shary was still watching when police arrived and helped the women and two children out of the closet.

The surveillance camera pointed outside caught the clearest video. It showed the two men who first walked up to the home and then showed one of the men return a few minutes later. The second time, he was with a different man and was wearing gloves.

"They were here less than five minutes. They've done this many times. They knew where they were going. They were going straight for the master closet to look for jewelry," said Shary.

If you recognize the men in the video, you are asked to call Houston police or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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