HISD delays vote on its $1.62 billion budget

If the budget is passed, it can put more money in the classrooms and help at-risk children

HOUSTON - The Houston Independent School District proposed a $1.62 billion budget.

HISD is the state's largest school district with 276 campuses and more that 200,000 students.

If the proposed budget is passed, the district says it can put more money in the classrooms to help at-risk children and another $5 million for campuses to spend on their unique needs.

The budget does not include a pay increase for teachers.

HISD Board President Anna Eastman said, " The fact that we maintain sending money to campuses and money follows child is something I value greatly."

The budget proposal also calls for a proposed 2-cent tax increase.

Eastman says she hasn't decided if she will vote for any increase that will hit parents and property owners in their pocketbooks.

"We're considering raising taxes. It requires extensive examination by trustees," said Eastman.

If approved, the 2-cent tax increase would generate about $20 million for the district.

Eastman says it would allow HISD to put more dollars in the classroom.

"I would like to see budget increase follow the child, to make sure kids who need more get them, every child through HISD because we have large at risk and those who struggle academically," said Eastman.

Late Thursday afternoon, HISD released a statement saying they have rescheduled the budget vote for June 24.

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