HFD: Stay cool this summer

Firefighters give tips to staying cool this summer

HOUSTON - As the Texas sun heats up the Houston area once again, firefighters offered some tips that could save lives.

"Every person behind me, every firefighter standing behind me, can probably attest to some stories over the years on what they've seen, especially in the summer months, that could have been prevented," said Thomas Munoz, an assistant chief with the Houston Fire Department.

Munoz and other representatives from local agencies held a joint news conference Thursday to remind people to stay alert and stay safe.

Topping the list -- take care of yourself. It's something we've heard before, but a reminder can't hurt. When you're active, drink plenty of liquids, even before you're thirsty.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and excess sugar. Stay in the shade and wear lightweight, loose clothes that breathes. Take lots of breaks in your activity.

Number two on the list -- take care of those who can't take care of themselves. Never leave kids in a parked car alone for any length of time.

The elderly need your help as well. Be sure to check on your elder relatives, friends and neighbors to make sure they're beating the heat.

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