HFD: Northeast Houston boy set fire to baby's room

Officials: Baby was not in the room when the fire started

HOUSTON - A 7-year-old boy playing with a lighter likely caused a fire that burned a baby's room in northeast Houston, investigators said.

Houston firefighters were called out to a townhome on North Wayside Drive and Dockal Road around midnight. There is a fire station directly across the street from the complex.

When they firefighters arrived, fire was shooting from a second-story room.

Crews managed to put the fire out before it got into the attic and spread to other homes.

After talking to the family, investigators found out that a 7-year-old was playing with a lighter upstairs in the baby's room. The boy managed to set the crib on fire and it quickly spread to the walls, investigators said.

The 7-year-old was able to get out of the burning room without injury. The rest of the family was downstairs when the fire started. They all evacuated and were not hurt.

District Chief Chris Balcerek of the Houston Fire Department said the fire should serve as a reminder to all parents. 

"We all like to think that our little ones are little angels, but they're curious. They want to see what (fire) does and they don't know how fast fire can move.  First thing you know, the whole house can catch on fire," Chief Balcerek said.

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