Heights residents awake to find car windows smashed

THE HEIGHTS - Some residents in the Heights woke up Monday morning to find that vandals had struck their vehicles.

"They just do it to be a nuisance.  I don't think they get any other pleasure out of it than any other reason.  There's nothing in there.  They don't get into the van. They just do it to be a pain in the neck," said victim, Richard Brown.

Car after car it's the same scene -- broken windows. Heights residents had the joy of waking up to this Monday morning.

"It's pretty upsetting they have no respect for other peoples property.  I don't know it's just upsetting," said Michael Stewart.

He thought his car was broken into.

"I came outside to go to work, I saw a giant hole in my window. I looked around; nothing was stolen and lady next door said a bunch of kids were driving around shooting BBs at cars," Stewart said.

Frustrated and annoyed residents started the repair process. Some windows were covered up by late morning. Others have yet to be discovered.

"It's pretty upsetting.  They have no respect for other peoples' property," said Brown.

Residents believe it was someone with a BB gun having what they thought was fun. Police  tell us more than a dozen cars were hit overnight.

Police are looking for suspects.

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