Heights area residents catch robbers on tape

They say they've lived there for less than a month and have already been robbed

HOUSTON - Houston police are investigating a home burglary in the Heights.

The homeowners, who do not want to be identified, were robbed at their home on Alexander Street on Thursday.

A surveillance video shows the suspect pull up in front of the home in a blue four door truck with a dark blue passenger door.

The suspect went into the garage and came out with a bike that the residents say is worth more than $2,000.

He then put the bike in the back of his truck and drove off.

"We've been here for less than a month and we've already already been robbed in the Heights," said the victim.

The residents say on Thursday morning they had workers in their home and one of the guys left and forgot to close the garage.

The residents reported the incident to police.

"We're willing to pay a thousand dollars just to get these guys prosecuted we really aren't interested in the bike we just want to see these people go to jail," said the victim.

If anyone has any information that can help, please contact the Crime Stoppers at (713)-222-TIPS.

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