Gunman sought in possible road rage shooting in SE Houston

Man shot in back transported to the hospital

HOUSTON - A trailer is all that prevented a car from slamming into a house after the driver lost control during a chase and plowed through two fences.

It all started as a chase between two cars, then shots fired back and forth in a possible road rage incident.

"Just in shock, pure shock," said Eric Haynes. "Just still in shock because this is not something you see every day."

Haynes described it as a scene out of a movie. He was inside his home Wednesday night when all of a sudden he heard a car crashing through his neighbor's yard, knocking over both of their fences and stopping inches short of plowing into Haynes' home.

"The trailer was pushed a few feet and I think the trailer prevented car from coming into my home," Haynes said.

The crash was the end of a frightening chase between the occupants of two vehicles. They were driving for several blocks and shooting at each other. Bullets penetrated one vehicle's windshield.

According to Houston police, one man got of his vehicle to confront the people inside a Kia Optima and was shot in the shoulder.

"They had some words. What apparently we found out is that one of the vehicles had exchanged gunfire and shot towards the males that had originally stopped," said HPD Sgt. Kenneth Campbell.

Torrey Locket, 41, was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital in stable condition.

The suspects in the Kia, which turned out to be stolen, speed off. The driver lost control, hit a ditch and then slammed into the fences of the two backyards.

"I'm, like, man how did they get away? Jumping over the ditch and hit two gates. Kind of strange," said one neighbor.

The suspects got away, but police say they found a handgun and white powder -- what appears to be cocaine -- in the backseat.

As for Haynes, he's glad he didn't come face to face with the men police say are possibly still armed and extremely dangerous.

"I'm thankful to God I wasn't injured because the situation could have been a lot worse, but I'm glad it wasn't," he said.

Police say the car was stolen during a robbery.

Anyone with information about the suspects is urged to contact Crime Stoppers or the Houston Police Department.

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