Grandmother reunited with poodle who was stranded in flooded house

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - A grandmother was overjoyed Tuesday after she was reunited with her poodle, who was stranded in a flooded house for more than 12 hours.

As water covered the fire hydrants in the neighborhood on West Bellfort and Runny Meade, many people were getting in and out of the area on boats. Houston firefighters ferried several families to high ground but most were left to wade out or wait it out.

Lena Givens, 84, was at the Rockets game when the storm started. She had to stay in the hotel of the lobby for three to four hours before she was finally able to get an Uber driver.

By then she said the road to her neighborhood was impassable -- and she was worried about her poodle, Tinkerbell, who was in a kennel inside her home.

Her grandson, Brian Gardner, borrowed a friend's duck boat to rescue the animal.

"My buddy met me on Chimney Rock," said Gardner. "We launched the boat on Chimney Rock and went down Braeswood and picked (them) up."

After several hours, Givens got some good news.

"(Tinkerbell) was floating on a chair in the living area. She got out of the kennel somehow and she was floating in a chair," said Givens.

It was a lucky story for Givens and Tinkerbell, but as the floodwaters recede many residents will have to deal with the damage it left behind.

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