Girlfriend of man accused of child sex assaults now facing charges

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter, Staff

PEARLAND, Texas - The girlfriend of a man accused of videotaping sexual assaults of young girls is facing her own charges in connection with the case.

Investigators say the charges against Julia Lack came from a video they found on her laptop. The same laptop, police say, Lack used to run a pay-to-view pornographic web show.

Nicolas Ross is still trying to wrap his head the fact that the neighbors who always gave him a friendly "hello" are the same ones now embroiled in child sex investigation.

"It's really crazy, it all just happened out of the blue," said neighbor Nicolas Ross. "You think you know somebody and now you know you don't."

On Thursday, Lack was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. Police say a video of a naked child taking a shower was found on her computer. Court records obtained by Local 2 Investigates read, "the video of the juvenile male showering was located on Julia Lack's computer that she claimed to be the only one who used it."

Police say that computer was also used by Lack to webcast pornographic videos of herself.

Police say Lack is the girlfriend of 42-year-old Tad Jeremy Costin. Local 2 reported earlier this week Costin was arrested and charged with multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. Police say they found numerous pictures of child pornography on DVDs, memory cards and computers owned by Costin.

Police say the pictures and videos date back as far as 1999 and some show Costin having sex with children. Lack's arrest is part of an investigation that is far from over.

Since Costin's arrest several more people have come forward claiming to be victims. The Harris County District Attorney's Office says there may be at least 15 child victims. Police are still trying to figure out who was holding the camera for some of these pictures and videos.

Lack's bond has been set at $30,000.

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