Girl: Man abducted me, tried to rape me

The 12-year-old girl says she was attacked after coming out of a portable toilet

By Phil Archer - Reporter

HOUSTON - A Houston girl was in a park after school when she says a man attacked her.

All that little girl did was stop to use one of the portable restrooms at Boyce Dorian Park on the north side. When she came out she says she was nearly raped, but just managed to fight off her attacker. Police are still trying to find the suspect.

She had just left school and was headed to a day care center when she stopped at the park. When she came out of the restroom to find a man waiting for her.

"When I came out, the man snatched me by my shirt and he pulled me in his car. And then he tried to get my clothes off and ripped my shirt," the girl told Local 2.

She says the man tried to rape her, so she sunk her teeth into one of his arms.

"So I bit him and then I guess he was trying to see if he was bleeding and then I ran away," she said.

She ran to her grandmother's house. The police were called, but when they got to the park, the man was gone.

"He could have snatched her, taken her with him and I would have never seen her again," said the girl's mother.

The girl described her attacker as a black man, about 5 foot 6, 200 pounds, with gold grills on his teeth.

Her mother says doctors at Texas Childrens Hospital checked her out and determined she wasn't hurt, but she's worried that the suspect is still on the street.

"The same way he tried to do that to her he could do to anybody's child, and that's scary. That's just scary," the girl's mother said.

But he may not be hard to spot.

He was driving a 1990 model Cadillac with a custom paint job of pearl white paint. It has brown leather seats and fancy rims.

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