Girl, 5, draws picture of police suspect

The girls mother says police were chasing the suspect on foot and Angelina saw it

ALVIN - A 5-year-old girl caught a glimpse of a bad guy running from police in her Alvin neighborhood, drew a picture, and gave it to local police.

Angelina Rector, loves to draw, and says she wants to be an artist when she grows up.

"She draws everyday! Her birthday is coming up and we have to get her some markers, she out draws them, they run out of ink!" said Rector's mom, Jennifer.

Jennifer says police were chasing the suspect on foot and Angelina saw it.

"He had brown hair and blue eyes, a white shirt and red shorts," said Angelina.

Angelina wanted police to see her drawing.

Jennifer says Angelina stood outside for two hours waiting for officers to return, but they didn't.

"It was cute, she was adamant, very adamant about giving the picture to the cops. So on Friday I took her up there and let her give it to the cops," Jennifer said.

The picture is proudly displayed at the police station.

Angelina received an award for her bravery, signed by the chief himself.

"She's smart. I'm a very proud mom, a proud mom," Jennifer said.

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