Flea invasion to hit Houston this summer

Fleas need moisture, warmth and blood to survive

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Temperatures increasing in the Houston area means the number of fleas is also on the rise. Some folks are already taking precautions to make sure their pets and their homes stay flea free.

"We cut the grass, in the summer one time a week," said Fort Bend County resident Jesus Mayen. "We have the pest control come to check the house too."

But this summer extra measures may be needed.

Fleas need moisture, warmth and blood to survive. Pets are perfect targets, but it's up to their owners to keep them from becoming hosts.

"A lot of time fleas are overlooked," said veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Hennessy. "You might have issues, even just itchiness or other skin issues, skin infections that trace back to fleas. But the owner may have never seen one flea in the house."

Vets say the adult fleas you do see are just 5 percent of the actual population in your home or your yard. The other 95 percent are eggs or larvae developing somewhere in your home.

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