Flasher reportedly spotted in northwest Houston park

The man was seen in the early morning hours wearing only a black head covering

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Police are warning visitors of a neighborhood park to be vigilant after a flasher was spotted.

The man was spotted early Tuesday morning at TC Jester Park near 43rd St. and TC Jester Boulevard, according to police.

A caller reported seeing a naked man under a tree near the running trail, wearing a black head covering.

"It's a safe area so I've never seen anything. You tend to be a little lax. It's a good area, we live here," said Jennifer Scott, mother of two.

Some neighbors say they saw a man exposing himself to joggers in November.

Park goer, Cheryl Tariq, said "People don't want their children seeing this. Who knows, the guy could be dangerous."

According to police, the man spotted in November covered his face with a shirt or another article of clothing while showing the lower half of his body.

"There's no telling what's on his mind, what his agenda could be," Tariq said.

Although there is nothing to indicate a connection to Tuesday's case, park visitors have promised to be extra vigilant.

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