First day of summer school for North Forest students now in Houston ISD

Last week, North Forest ISD closed and officially merged with Houston ISD

HOUSTON - It's the first day of summer school for students in the North Forest community. Last week, North Forest ISD closed and officially merged with Houston ISD.

Shadydale Elementary is one of the former North Forest ISD schools to survive and stay open. It is now under the direction of HISD. Parents say they are looking forward to this new beginning.

"Good discipline. Good education putting a good foot forward so the kids can be successful in life," said parent Kimberly Washington.

First thing Monday morning some students made their way to school. At Shadydale, this was a day to register for a new beginning.

"I'm hoping the teachers teach them better than North Forest did," said parent Monique Ellis.

The kids attending summer school need to retake tests in order to move on.  Low test scores and financial troubles over the years forced to Texas Education Agency to take action against North Forest ISD.

"North Forest has been in debt for a long time so its time," said parent Jackie Coleman.

Parents who have no other options are happy to see HISD take over.

"I feel like my child's keys are in their hands when I'm at work. I want them to feel safe and in a safe environment and a safe school district for the year and years to come," said parent Lakeisha Thomas.

Because of the annexation, the principle of Shadydale Elementary is expecting anywhere from 200-400 new students.

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